I Swear I’m Going To Learn This Time –  Chris Murphy (reviewed by Dave Franklin)

waterunderthebridgeChris Murphy’s musical mastery seems to spread itself across any number of genres, styles, eras, instruments and tastes, a troubadour in the truest sense, a storyteller, a communicator and an entertainer. Here we find him in the realm of rootsy folk-blues but rather than the cliche ridden sounds that many modern artists wandering similar sonic territory try to fashion together with a brow sweating with earnestness and integrity, Chris just gets on with doing what comes naturally to him. And because he isn’t weighted down by the fickle finger of fashion the end result is bouyant, energising and timeless.

Sounding like the ultimate bar band, but one that seems so good that it only exists in the background of Hollywood blockbusters scenes, the ones that make your inner critic roll its eyes and tell yourself that the big screen is nothing like real life, he weaves gypsy jazz violins and chiming guitar riffs through straight but effective backbeats, playful pianos and a confident and communicative vocal. It feels as if the song could come from any time in the last 80 years and be playing in any bar in the western hemisphere but whilst the setting may be universal, few artists could get it this deliver something this deftly wrought, this effective, this seemingly effortless.

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