HTML – Di Higrade (reviewed by Dave Franklin)

Depending on what sort of world you live in, HTML might immediately make you think of computer languages and other such hi-tech jargon. Thankfully, Di Higrade surrounds himself with much more  romantic concerns and in this case HTML stands for Hello To My Lover, it’s as simple and sweet as that. 

The song is a classic ballad, a musical loveletter to his sweetheart, a soft and subtle slice of romance used to express just how much he has missed his lover whilst she was away. Its piano drive pop-soul sentiments both come from an intimate and personal place yet this is also the sort of song that we can all relate to, we have all missed someone to the point of heart-ache and in these times of self-isolation and enforced separation, the depth and meaning of the song is heightened even more.

But it is also a song filled with unexpected dynamic twists, occasionally bursting out towards more explosive highs, deftly underlining the inherent passion found in the song, before dropping back into intimacy and emotion. Such a song is always going to be relevant in normal times, in today’s fractured and locked down world it becomes an unexpected anthem.

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