Here and Now – Home Is West (reviewed by Dave Franklin)

Good things come to those who wait. That is what the old adage says and it is certainly true of the latest release from Home Is West if the buzz on the streets is to be believed. Set for release earlier in the year, like many things, the pandemic put paid to their initial plans but now the time is right and their latest slice of alt-rock is about to hit the public ear.

Through a single, a previous e.p and last year’s full-length album, The Moment, Home Is West has made a name for itself through a blend of classic, 90’s infused alt-rock and modern and forward-thinking, hard-edged, indie grooves. The perfect blend of gentle nostalgia and a confident sonic stride into the future.

If bands such as Gin Blossoms or The Goo Goo Dolls appeal to you, bands which managed to entwine pop melodicism around a more rock and roll core, bands which mix discerning underground vibes with the potential for mainstream appeal, then you are going to find a lot here to love.

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