Hammered In An Airport – Spray (reviewed by Dave Franklin)

I always like music with neat titles. If those titles also make you smile when you read them so much the better. So the fact that I have in front of me a single called Hammered In An Airport from a soon to follow album called Ambiguous Poems About Death has me grinning from ear to ear. High brow silliness is where it is at!

But we know that Spray has a great sense of humour and comes from a slightly subversive place, previous releases have made that clear and it is all part of their charm. And Hammered In An Airport continues in the same vein, a bubbling synth-pop groover running on digital waves and smooth electronic ebbs and flows.

But it is the lyrics that are the real joy here, the perfect blend of wit and wisdom, back street philosophies and lyrical gems, “….we should have mindsets, we should have sunsets, we should have cheesecake, we should have heartache…” and a host of other proclamations all balanced against the constant titular full stop and killer line.,” we could be getting hammered in an airport!” Perfect!

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