I’ve been sat here listening to this debut album from Tiny Fighter trying to work out just why it is so great. Obviously it is full of deft and clever songwriting, it goes without saying that any album deserving such a label has that, but there is something in the delivery of these songs that makes them stand out even from other albums found at such rarified sonic high ground. I think it comes down their ability to contrast sounds and musical ideas within their songs.

Take Strangest Thing, it’s a song built on solid structures but draped in dreamy hazes and shimmering guitars making it somehow wonderfully accessible, certainly marketable yet brilliantly underground or outsider at the same time. Similarly, Happier blends contrasting dynamics, intimate minimalist lows with epic, sky-searing highs, Echo chimes with both 70’s folkadelia and cool indie modernity and Devotion balances rock weight with infectious pop melodics.

And it is this ability to not stick to the script, to not bow down to the rules of one style or genre but instead to blur the lines or even, crash them headlong into each other, that makes their songs come alive with fascinating contradictions. There is an art to blending such differing sonic qualities together, the results can often feel forced or contrived, but not in this case, everyone from rockers to indie kids to pop princesses could learn some valuable lessons about arrangement and composition from some time spent absorbing the delights of Going Home.

Opposites attract, as the saying goes, and Tiny Fighter have delivered by far the most attractive collection of opposites I have heard on record in a long time. 

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