God of Mercy – Lettie-L (reviewed by Dave Franklin)

The art of making devotional music in the modern age is to produce something so infectious, so effective, so addictive that it appeals to a wide range of people, no matter their outlook on life or views on religion. That way, even if someone is not part of the usual target audience, they still find their way to the song and perhaps they stop and consider the message too, which is surely the point. If not, they are still left with a great song to listen to and may still become a fan of the artist behind it.

And that is what Lettie-L does here. Obviously, the song is driven by an act of celebration of belief on the part of the artist, but its joyous rhythms, its gorgeous Afro-beat grooves and its heady harmonies are going to take the song further, wider, deeper than much of the music made for similar reasons.

God of Mercy strikes a perfect balance. It is a joyous act of devotion, it will draw others to its brilliant tones and beautiful textures and, even if the message behind it is not for you, the world is a better, happier and more positive place for such a song being in it. And that can only be a good thing. Actually, that can only be a great thing!

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