There’s an undeniable finesse to the art of navigating the sonic journey of a song. It’s tempting, I suppose, to barge in with a grand entrance and camp out there for the entirety, or perhaps just saunter in, drift along, and saunter right back out. But in doing so, you’d be robbing yourself of the sublime power of dynamics.

Enter “Foglights,” a textbook example of dynamics in full bloom. Picture this: a song that begins with nothing but a spacious, delicately plucked guitar, serving as the canvas for Mariami’s soulful, tranquil vocals. Then, step by step, it starts to gather momentum – a subtle backbeat creeps in, a bassline asserts its presence, and a kaleidoscope of delicate sonic hues and textures paints the backdrop. From there, it meanders gracefully, shifting between the pulse of beat-driven pop and the ethereal realms of neo-soul.

A road trip song for the new age, a poised pop piece dedicated to love and longing, music that celebrates youthful exuberance and lust for life. The world could do with more of such celebratory music, especially when it is done this well.


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