Flow State – Hereami ft. Vazen (reviewed by Dave Franklin)

Now, more than ever, is the time when music can be used as a powerful tool, or as Hereami himself says, as “weaponised art.” It’s fine if you just want to write songs about fun and frivolity, after all, it’s the perfect medium for escapism and euphoria, but perhaps with such dark clouds gathering around us, not using such a platform for something more powerful is a wasted opportunity.

Flow State comes from that place where the world crunching events and cultural collisions affect the man in the street, it comes from real life and it is the voice of the people, at least people who know that things should change, that things must change! Part autobiography, part social commentary, part personal politics, part call to arms, Flow State is all about change. Change from within to effect the necessary change around us.

It’s a poignant message wrapped up in a pop-rap package, smooth grooves delivering powerful words and a call for unity and healing. But it is also a reminder that the world changes one mindset at a time and only you can be the catalyst for such a personal process.


Flow State was written by Shawn ‘HereamI’ Dunbar, and features Michael ‘Vazen’ Vanasek, Hereami’s long time collaborator, who also produced the music to this powerful track. Hereami along with Jason Ho of Dream Nineteen Productions, directed the making of the music video, which was shot in Los Angeles as a way of peacefully protesting the racial injustice in society, and releasing anxiety that has risen from recent and past events.

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