Emergency – Diamond Lake (reviewed by Dave Franklin)

There is an immediate urgency and tension built as this song gets underway, a nervous energy and frisson set up by the sharp chops of the rhythm guitar. And whereas many bands would use that as the counterpoint to a thunderous change of direction, follow it with a tsunami of drums and big, driven guitars, Diamond Lake actually do something much smarter. They draw that tingling thrill out for the duration of the song, staying within its jittery charms, its edgy groove.

Sonically Diamond Lake sit in a very interesting place. Rock but avoiding the bombast and cliche, indie but without secumbing to the style over substance distractions that have taken many a good band down the wrong route, danceable but not dance music, full of pop like infectiousness but too smart to really be put in that bracket.

But that’s just genres, the handy tools of people like me who still seem to feel the need to put music in boxes and stick a label on it. All you need to know is that Diamond Lake sound a bit like everything and nothing like anything and that is where the best music is usually to be found. 

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