Echoes – Third Development (reviewed by Dave Franklin)

If ever you were going to try and sum up the word sophistication with just a piece of music, this latest release from Third Development would be as good a soundbite, literally, as any. It seems to blend classy, cocktail jazz vibes with lingering soulful grooves. It funks in a restrained manner and has understated pop poise. It is eloquent and elegant, smart and sassy.

And if all of that sounds a bit too nostalgic for modern tastes, nothing could be further from the truth. Not only does it have musical modernity coursing through its veins, classic tones sensually waltzing with dreamy, electro-pop, but there is also some cool, spoken word, almost rapped, urban interludes, which remind us that this is the product of the here and now.

Considering that many of the sounds and styles that Echoes is crafted from offer a nod to the past, the way that these awesome analogue sounds are combined with delicious digital creativity means that it is all about where music goes next rather than merely recapping where it has already been.

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