Running Away With The Circus – Trans- Siberian March Band (reviewed by Dave Franklin)

If the universe is indeed infinite as those clever types on BBC 2 shows are always trying to explain to my less than comprehending brain, then there must be a place where traditional Balkan folk tunes and first generation British punk meet. So why not here and now? Okay, a bit of clarity before I... Continue Reading →

Bending The Dark – The Imagined Village

Like a bunch of genetic scientists beavering away in secret laboratories, for the last decade The Imagined Village have been exploring the secrets of splicing the core sounds of folk and world music into new musical forms. This, their third album, Bending the Dark, is the biggest success story so far. Like Simon Emmerson’s Afro-Celt... Continue Reading →

Gold or Dust – Cocos Lovers

The flippant journalist might say that Cocos Lovers are the band that Mumford and Sons wish they were. Being a flippant journalist I definitely adhere to that sentiment. But as the leading lights of the London folk mafia shed all their early promise of being the new Waterboys in favour of being David Gray with... Continue Reading →

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