Scope Explosion – One Sentence. Supervisor (reviewed by Dave Franklin)

This gang of Swiss cosmic adventurers fit so much into just this one song, it is difficult to know where to begin. I guess the rhythm is as good a place as any and the lilting and luscious eastern vibes certainly makes a welcome change to the usual straight out, four to the floor beats... Continue Reading →

In A Starry State – The Great Depression

Following our review of what can only be described as an existentialist, space opera, romance, here is a video teaser that acts as a brief snapshot of the album we described as "the music spans great distances, trampling over generic boundaries, wilfully flaunting the rules and creating something truly beautiful along the way. In a... Continue Reading →

Mondo Porfondo/New Worlds – Karda Estra

Some music is easy to pigeon hole for purpose. Music to dance to, music to chill out to, music that excites or soothes, makes a statement or just makes a pleasant noise. Composer Richard Wileman, under the title of Karda Estra, however takes a different route, he makes music that explores. Sitting somewhere between cinematic... Continue Reading →

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