Time – Kenny Fame (reviewed by Dave Franklin)

Musing on the strange and fluid nature of time (does it really go faster when you are having fun?) Time is a subtle and supple slice of ska-pop. It leans into many other genres, sure, it is soulful and understated, it is as addictive as any great pop song but it is the dance between... Continue Reading →

Interval – Erin Bardwell (reviewed by Dave Franklin)

The man himself describes this little side-project from his usual musical activities, using the wonderfully self-deprecating words, “ mid-life crisis.” If it is, he should have more. Many more. And before you all get up in arms defending his long and admirable back catalogue and dedication to the ska-wars and the ongoing reggae rebellion, I’m... Continue Reading →

Great Western Reggae Soundclash –  Erin Bardwell Collective vs. Friends, Guests and Studio Stars (reviewed by Dave Franklin)

Certain genres of music are, quite stereotypically, associated with certain themes. Punk and reggae with political issues, rock with escapist high drama, folk with history and traditions and ska, and its UK offspring two-tone, often with social commentary, civil rights and unity. So gathering the great and good of ska, rocksteady and reggae to record... Continue Reading →

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