Albino Road – Stephen H Scott ft. Jay Frigoletto (reviewed by Dave Franklin)

Using a staccato and hesitant structure to draw the listener into this understated single is a clever device, and soon you find yourself wandering through a tense, emotive and gently anthemic (oxymoron? probably but you know what I mean) soundscape. One that has the pace and poignancy of a ballad but the power of a... Continue Reading →

Gregory Alan Isakov premieres ‘Dark, Dark, Dark’ at Billboard

Gregory Alan Isakov’s new song, 'Dark, Dark, Dark,' has just premiered publicly. Of the album, Billboard proclaims, “The 12-song set wound up sounding more characteristically ruminative…blending a gentle spaciousness with dusky atmospheres and carefully nuanced textures.” 'Dark, Dark, Dark' is the third track unveiled from Isakov’s anticipated new album, 'Evening Machines'. The release, his first in partnership with... Continue Reading →

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