Don’t Do That – Link & Chain (reviewed by Dave Franklin)

Reggae music, like soul before it and the rap and hip-hop scenes that have evolved since, has always been music that beats with a conscious heart. But then such music has always been born of real struggles and Don't Do That is Link & Chain's response to just one aspect of that struggle. Don't Do... Continue Reading →

Renowned Tricky, Sly & Robbie collaborator Garrison Hawk presents lively dancehall number ‘Pretty Pussycat’

Garrison Hawk (a.k.a. Hawkman) is back with his latest single 'Pretty Pussycat', bringing his special brand of high energy-infused dancehall to video with the help of director Nevaris A.C. and videographer Jacques Lang. "The meaning of this song lies in the beauty of a woman, not only by sight but at heart. Lyrics-wise, it's about the king and a queen... Continue Reading →

Interval – Erin Bardwell (reviewed by Dave Franklin)

The man himself describes this little side-project from his usual musical activities, using the wonderfully self-deprecating words, “ mid-life crisis.” If it is, he should have more. Many more. And before you all get up in arms defending his long and admirable back catalogue and dedication to the ska-wars and the ongoing reggae rebellion, I’m... Continue Reading →

Look Up – Me and My Friends (reviewed by T. Bebedor)

It’s often interesting to read the press release for albums that fall into my paws, sometimes the description that has been put forward is at odds with the finished product that finds itself booming out of my speakers. Descriptions like ‘life-affirming’, ‘game changing’, ‘powerhouse’ and ‘the next great act’ accompany these albums so it’s sometimes... Continue Reading →

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