The Girl with the Red Balloon – Shut Up River (reviewed by Dave Franklin)

As the spoken word intro and titular track gentle lays out some Kerouac-ian vibes, philosophical musings mixed with political overtones to paint a stark dystopian image, you are already thinking, were indeed “do we go from here?” It’s the sort of beginning which sets up progressive rock albums or conscious jazz odyssey’s…what I didn’t expect... Continue Reading →

Canada’s Kiwi Jr. release “Gimme More”

Previous to today’s video Kiwi Jr have shared the album’s title track and “Salary Man.” Football Money will be released world-wide via Persona Non Grata Records (following debut EP by Pip Blom). The album had a Canadian release this past March on Mint Records. The album was engineered by Aaron Goldstein, and mixed by Holy Fuck's Graham Walsh. The band have... Continue Reading →

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