Half In, Half Out – The Kundalini Genie (reviewed by Dave Franklin)

Five albums in? Where has The Kundalini Genie been all my life? I mean, any band that manages to wrap such an acid-tripping, psychedelic haze around those raw and raucous guitars, that can blend a heavy shoegaze vibe with dreamy alt-rock sound, that can provide the perfect sonic collision point between orient and occident, then... Continue Reading →

The Heliocentrics launch Burning Wooden Ship

London-based The Heliocentrics have long stirred a bewitching brew of funk, jazz, psych and library influences. Labelled by Pitchfork as “a live-band culmination of every obsessive hip-hop-era producer's drive to fall deeper into a rabbit hole of the previously unheard”, the band’s far-reaching influence meant a natural knock-on in being cited by hip-hop royalty: namely,... Continue Reading →

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