Homesick For Our Future Destinations – It’s Karma It’s Cool (reviewed by Dave Franklin)

Always behind the curve me. But then if my review pile of CD's gets any bigger, I might just use them to build an extension on the house! Still, I got here in the end and, as expected, the new one from It's Karma It's Cool is a belter. It's an album built on many... Continue Reading →

UK underground icons The Speed of Sound present ‘Last Orders’ from the ‘Museum of Tomorrow’ LP

Power pop/indie rock collective The Speed Of Sound present 'Last Orders', hot on trail of revealing the single 'Opium Eyes' and 'Tomorrow's World' from their Future-Retro-Modernist long-player 'Museum of Tomorrow'. 32 years to the day when the band's debut EP saw the light of day in 1989, they've released this album on CD and Deluxe LP via California-based Big Stir Records. Hailing from Manchester, The... Continue Reading →

The Great Leap Forward presents ‘It’s a Wonderful Lie’ from ‘Revolt Against An Age of Plenty’ LP

The Great Leap Forward presents 'It's a Wonderful Lie', a tongue-in-cheek critique of our modern lifestyle and expectations, lifted from his new long-player 'Revolt Against An Age of Plenty'. His first album in nine years, this vigorous, scintillating and life-affirming 13-track offering is released via Europe's A Turntable Friend Records. This is the solo project of British multi-instrumentalist... Continue Reading →

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