Catharsis –  Aidan Koop (Reviewed by Dave Franklin)

It is interesting to see how our musical tastes mature over time. Much of the music of my formative years was about making a lot of noise in the shortest amount of time, short, sharp musical shock treatment designed to get the job done in the time it takes to lightly boil and egg. But... Continue Reading →


The Moral Crossing – AUTOBAHN (Reviewed by Thomas Haynes)

AUTOBAHN have created an ambitious album that comfortably sits beside the darker parts of Brian Jonestown Massacre with moments of purposeful hesitation that underpin the self-doubt and uncertainties inherent in understanding the moral crossing. _______________________________________________________ Something dark and near biblical lies at the heart of AUTOBAHN’s post-rock progressive second L.P. ‘The Moral Crossing’ Leeds based... Continue Reading →

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