Entertainment EP – Model Society (reviewed by Marcus Kittridge)

This is sharp guitar based power pop with an indie flavour and a soupçon of punk for seasoning. There is something very familiar about this record although I'm not sure where that's coming from. They don't sound like The Buzzcocks but I can imagine The Buzzcocks could have written these songs with a little help... Continue Reading →

C.O.W. – Headst!cks (reviewed by Marcus Kittridge)

This is a no nonsense anti-establishment band that put their uncomplicated stripped back folk/punk heritage badge front and centre. They deliver their brand of political tirades, kick-back ballads and ECO homilies with an up-tempo, danceable verve and vigour. Where does this recording sit? Well, I would most like to see this band after caning the... Continue Reading →

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