Oldest Story In The World – The Undecideds (reviewed by Dave Franklin)

Pop? Rock? Alt? Indie? Call it what you will (genres are so 90's anyway) but there are elements of all of those woven into this track, which is a neat trick if you can do it, and The Undecideds can! It is infectiously pop, grooves with a slightly harder rock edge, jangles with indie-pop sweetness... Continue Reading →

Never Notice – Splitstep (reviewed by Dave Franklin)

Splitstep's latest release, Never Notice, dances delicately across any number of genres, stepping lightly on everything from upbeat acoustica, understated pop-rock, funky grooves and breezy brass, the latter courtesy of Westword Music Award-winning Guerrilla Fanfare Brass Band. And in a world where you seem to trip over singer-songwriters everywhere you go, Splitstep offers something more... Continue Reading →

Light Me Up – Ratinoff (reviewed by Dave Franklin)

Hitting the sweet spot between rock's rabble-rousing aggression and alt-pop accessibility and addiction, Light Me Up is instantly contagious. Even the most hard-hearted cynic or entrenched musical tribal follower would be hard pushed not to fall for its raucous charms immediately. Some songs achieve anthemic status through clever media and marketing, though record company drive... Continue Reading →

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