Torch of Rock and Roll – The Mighty One (reviewed by Dave Franklin)

Timing is everything. Releasing your debut record of big, brash, old-school, classic rock anthems just as the Grunge wave crashed on the musical shore meant that even though he was signed to his hero Paul Stanley's label, Tim Steinruck had to wait a bit longer for his dream of becoming a stadium rock and roll... Continue Reading →

Barren King – Manntra (reviewed by Dave Franklin)

Ahead of a full-album next month, tantalisingly titled Monster Mind Consuming, Barren King offers a wonderful taste of the musical and mystical world that Manntra calls home. Blending sea-shanty sonics with searing metal licks, industrial grind with folk grandeur, traditional sounds with otherworldly, gothic vibes, Barren King is a fantastic flight of fancy. It is... Continue Reading →

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