Heathens – Manntra (reviewed by Dave Franklin)

I have to admit that I grew up listening to the formative years of the NWOBHM, yes, I'm that old! Some of the favourite subjects of those spandex-clad, foot-on-the-monitor pioneers was ancient battles and bloody mythologies, which suited the music well, but the way that it was presented seemed a bit lacking in integrity, feeling... Continue Reading →

Barren King – Manntra (reviewed by Dave Franklin)

Ahead of a full-album next month, tantalisingly titled Monster Mind Consuming, Barren King offers a wonderful taste of the musical and mystical world that Manntra calls home. Blending sea-shanty sonics with searing metal licks, industrial grind with folk grandeur, traditional sounds with otherworldly, gothic vibes, Barren King is a fantastic flight of fancy. It is... Continue Reading →

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