Conundrum (Original Mix) – Daniel Daraban (reviewed by Dave Franklin)

We might think that modern music communicates through its lyrics. But music is a language all to itself or at least it can be when wielded by the right artist. And even the most abstract of sounds, the most repetitive of grooves, the most hypnotic beats, have plenty to say. Dance music might not be... Continue Reading →

Scene and Heard – CCLXIII : Live it Up – DJ Rebel & Nick Dillinger (reviewed by Dave Franklin)

Even though dance music might be compartmentalised into numerous sub-genres, those smaller musical territories still cover a broad range of sounds. House music wanders widely between pumping and vibrant techno driven beats and the more progressive and often intricate and ambient sounds. Released after a year long hiatus and working with Nick Dillinger, DJ Rebel’s... Continue Reading →

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