West Coast Anthem/Lethal – Crunch (reviewed by Dave Franklin)

Mixing the hip-hop traditions of deft and dexterous lyrical salvos and groove-laden rhythms with the more forward-facing sounds of the contemporary West Coast scene, Crunch comes on like a sonic force of nature. Not to say that the music is wild and unstoppable, it's smarter than that but it is both addictive and infectious in... Continue Reading →

7 DEADLY SINS – Mind7et (reviewed by Dave Franklin)

The term concept album seems more associated with unwieldy and outdated progressive rock than fast-flowing, up-to-the-minute hip-hop but this is a concept album nonetheless. 7 DEADLY SINS takes…well, I guess I don't have to spell it out to you…let's just say, seven tracks, seven sins, seven extremely cool songs. PRIDE kicks us off, a hip-hop-driven... Continue Reading →

WWE – Satomaa (reviewed by Dave Franklin)

Using allusions to a WWE wrestling bout to talk about the more intimate moments of a relationship, actually not even a relationship maybe just a casual hook-up, Satomaa raps her way through various partners and liaisons. And she does so to a blend of bass booms and skittering percussion, confessional lyrics and unexpected candour. And... Continue Reading →

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