From The Start – Likeness (reviewed by Dave Franklin)

There's a great attitude driving the heart of, not only this song but Likeness' attitude towards music in general. By understanding that music comes from within, that it is an extension of our very souls and that the sounds and styles that we work with are merely sonic building blocks, tools to get a job... Continue Reading →

We Got It – Lil Bro (reviewed by Dave Franklin)

Hip-hop has a reputation for being upfront and in-your-face, but with We Got It, Lil Bro injects something more relaxed, more sultry even into the proceedings. It runs on that skittering, trap-infused groove that is the hallmark of the modern sound, spacious bass pulses linked with ticking percussion. It even blends and blurs the lines... Continue Reading →

Splash – Acid (reviewed by Dave Franklin)

Pushing the boundaries of hip-hop and alternative pop together until they mix and merge in the same sonic space, Michigan-based artist, Acid, has created a perfect example of the post-genre urban sound. Splash runs on a bubbling, buoyant groove and skittering percussion, and plays with futuristic electronica to create the engaging soundscape that sits between... Continue Reading →

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