Waiting (For Rock n Roll to Come Around) – The Brazilians (reviewed by Dave Franklin)

I have to say, it's a fair question, especially considering the state of rock music today. It's either washed out with pop's saccharine sweetness to make it more accessible to the mainstream audience or cranked up with metal bombast and overkill as if making music was some sort of sonic dick measuring contest. What happened... Continue Reading →

New Single from Death By Unga Bunga

 Death by Unga Bunga have released their raucous new single 'Cynical' and described the song as 'filled with fuzz-fuelled twin guitars and intergalactic synthesizers that will have you wishing you were riding in Elon Musk’s space-car with this catchy tune on full blast!'   The track is taken from their upcoming album 'So Far, So Good, So Cool' that is... Continue Reading →

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