Thirty Three Degrees – Thirty Three Degrees (reviewed by Dave Franklin)

Coming from New South Wales, though seemingly via the 60's south and the psychedelic-infused 70's west coast of the USA, Thirty Three Degrees' eponymous album feels like the missing link between John Lee Hooker and Rory Gallagher or perhaps Muddy Waters and the Allman Brothers. And even then somewhere along the line, a detour was... Continue Reading →

Voices – ReLoVe (reviewed by Dave Franklin)

ReLoVe are great at fusing music from what might be termed world and roots genres and using those sonic building blocks to build their signature sound. This time out they give us Voices which blends funky basslines, soulful harmonies, busy drum salvos and folky fiddles. As always the individual elements are recognisable but the way... Continue Reading →

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