Downward Dog (Wiggle Your Butt) ft. Mr. Maph & The Marbella Collective – Mark R. Goujon (reviewed by Dave Franklin)

Music is certainly serious business but sometimes we can get so lost in arguing about our favourite bands, trying to emulate the stars of the day, getting precious and defensive about the songs which matter most to us that we forget its primary role. Music. Is. Entertainment.  It’s as simple as that and thankfully for... Continue Reading →

The Heliocentrics launch Burning Wooden Ship

London-based The Heliocentrics have long stirred a bewitching brew of funk, jazz, psych and library influences. Labelled by Pitchfork as “a live-band culmination of every obsessive hip-hop-era producer's drive to fall deeper into a rabbit hole of the previously unheard”, the band’s far-reaching influence meant a natural knock-on in being cited by hip-hop royalty: namely,... Continue Reading →

Think Twice –  THNDR (reviewed by Dave Franklin)

Well, that’s interesting. I love songs which are hard to pin down…either chronologically or generically and THNDR’s Think Twice is certainly one of those tricky beasts....are by far the most intriguing. A mix of gentle-funk, island vibes, pop-reggae infectiousness and underground dance grooves, it is a song that is as addictive as it is strange.... Continue Reading →

Indigo Face share new single – The Seed

Since forming in 2015, London 4-piece band Indigo Face have made their mark on the live music circuit with their unique sound, drawing influence from the likes of pop, funk, EDM and synth pop. On 13th July, the group are set to launch their new single ‘The Seed’, which taps into the complexities of family... Continue Reading →

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