Listen and Love – Eddy Mann (reviewed by Dave Franklin)

It’s a simple message but then those are always the most effective. Less is more and all that. But it is also a very fluid message, one applicable to the smallest, most intimate as well as the most world changing and relatable of situations. Although Eddy Mann’s music is an extension of his own faith,... Continue Reading →

A Short Conversation with Town Meeting

You often get tagged as being “folk-rock” but it is easy to hear that there is much more going on in the music. What are your biggest influences musically and otherwise? Town Meeting: We all grew up listening to a lot of different styles of music but collectively we are deeply rooted in folk, rock... Continue Reading →

A Short Conversation with Kevin Daniel

The new album, Things I Don’t See, encompasses a wide range of very American sounds and styles, which in turn suggests an interesting musical back story, can you tell us a little about your musical journey which gets you here? Kevin Daniel: I have been a musician my entire life, and like most musicians, I... Continue Reading →

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