The Land In Between – Elaine Palmer (reviewed by T. Bebedor)

Having grown up in North Yorkshire, but also spending time in Arizona, would bring two contrasting worlds to the young Elaine Palmer. On one side is the green, rainy, hilly world of England and on the other is the arid, warm, sandy landscape of Phoenix, so it’s with no real surprise that her latest release,... Continue Reading →

London indie rock-pop artist Distant Voices presents ‘Stranger Among Friends’

London-based indiepop artist Distant Voices presents 'Stranger Among Friends', a catchy track stemming from a European junket motivated by Brexit regret and the sense of social separation, which has taken on a whole new meaning under the conditions of the current pandemic. Distant Voices is the solo project of Valdis Stekelis, who wrote and began writing these tracks in 2019,... Continue Reading →

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