Broken By Design – Jake Martin and The Broken Bodies(reviewed by Dave Franklin)

I’ve said it before so I’ll say it again, you can watch an artist time and time again plying their acoustic trade on the live stage but it is only when you hear the full blown album that you final get the inside scoop on what the big picture was all this time. Most modern... Continue Reading →

They Say I Don’t Write Love Songs – The Two Man Travelling Medicine Show (reviewed by Dave Franklin)

Music can act as a sort of time travel device and whenever I hear this band's raggle-taggle beauty I am immediately transported through various interconnected chapters of my life, and the scenes and soundtracks that accompanied them. They remind me of everything from The Levellers soaring folk-punk, New Model Army’s windswept majesty, The Pogues lyrical... Continue Reading →

Odetta Hartman, new album and tour

Odetta will perform at The Islington, London on 24th September. She's also just announced a string of European shows in support of Micheal Nau & The Mighty Thread*. 'Old Rockhounds Never Die' is a bonanza of beautiful contradictions: intimate yet fiercely internationalist, spiritual and yet tangible, sweet and also sexy. It convenes with the ghosts... Continue Reading →

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