Pulses, Pipes, Patterns – Louis Laurain (reviewed by Marcus Kittridge)

The classic electro-palette of 8 bit, BBC Micro, SOUND C, A, P, D FOR NEXT loops parsed via VCFs and ramped are all reimagined to suit a 21st-century ear where electronics are substituted with heavily modulated analogue brass instruments interacting with physical-mechanical apparatus that surrounds them. Nerds, weirdos and datafiles will be drawn to this... Continue Reading →

Betel  – RIFO (reviewed by Marcus Kittridge)

There are noises. Many noises. Noises that are subsumed into other noises. Noises that undermine. Noises that accent or resonate. Noises that create harmonics or dissonances with themselves. Filtered noises, rhythmic noises. Obvious noises. Found noises. Noises that surprise or disturb. Noises that welcome. Noises that attract and repel. Loud noises, quiet noises and noises... Continue Reading →

Wired – Harlekurt (reviewed by Dave Franklin)

Arriving with the tag line "sad vibes for rainy days" the track immediately sets the tone with Kristen Stewart's now-classic monologue of being at odds with the modern world from the film Anesthesia, something that it returns to reinforce the feeling of disaffection and dislocation. From there the song runs through a melancholic, electronic soundscape,... Continue Reading →

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