Release – Christopher Rapkin (reviewed by Dave Franklin)

As any album proudly bearing labels such as relaxation and meditation hoves into view, I have a tendency to brace for a salvo of head shop, whale noise nonsense and wind chime cacophony. But if more people working in such a broad and often misrepresented genre made music like Christopher Rapkin’s Release, then there would... Continue Reading →

Ooberfuse – Secret Tattoo (single)

Thankfully now that we are a generation on from those lump-headed days when any talk of synths, samples and anything not seen as “proper instruments” had narrow minded “proper music fans” racing for their moral high ground, bands such as Ooberfuse can be fully appreciated. Their ethereal electronic pop blends and girl-boy vocal deliveries are... Continue Reading →

S/T – Gunship (reviewed by Dave Franklin)

If the contents of this album sounds like the soundtrack to an eighties movie, that is the whole point. (The clue is in the title) Dan Haight, Alex Gingell and Fightstar’s Alex Westaway revel in the decade and remind us that between the “more is more” approach to fashion and some frankly awful music, there was... Continue Reading →

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