When You’re Around – Moonray (reviewed by Dave Franklin)

So many musicians working in the broad electronic music field seem to be inspired by the sounds of the past, by those early post-punk pioneers, New Romantics, Blitz Kids and 80’s synth-pop warriors. That in itself is odd because those genre-benders were always looking to the future, were forward-thinking and futuristic in their outlook. Which... Continue Reading →

A Tribute To The Beach Boys’ Pet Sounds – YYY (reviewed by Thomas Haynes)

Step into a swirling, warping re-imagining of The Beach Boys' Pet Sounds constructed with analog synths, glitchy vocal effects, trip hop beats, and kitten samples… plentiful kitten samples. _____________________________________________________________ I was a tad apprehensive about listening to a full LP re-interpretation of one of my favourite albums, but I’m not sure why, as I happily... Continue Reading →

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