Zoom Zoom Zoom (On My Boom Boom Boom) – Babushka (reviewed by Dave Franklin)

I’m sure we could all do with something to smile about. It’s been a tough year all-round, no matter who or where you are. Between the political turmoil and the pandemic's imposed angst and isolation, it is perhaps now more than ever that we need music to come to our rescue. And whilst 2020 seems... Continue Reading →

Yesterday – Xalser (reviewed by Dave Franklin)

This latest song from Xalser takes pop along some interesting sonic pathways. It starts off in fairly familiar territory, a chilled, soulful, R&B groove built of sultry tones and casual beats, doing exactly what you might expect it to. And then about a minute in it mutates into a wonderful, futuristic, alternative-dance hybrid. Although dance... Continue Reading →

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