Plead The Fifth – Dejhare (reviewed by Dave Franklin)

Previous singles, such as What Is Love? and Do What You Gotta Do, have perfectly displayed Dejhare's ability to make music that straddles the worlds of underground clubland cool and mainstream chart accessibility. Plead The Fifth, her latest five-track offering, continues that journey to merge worlds but it is much more than just a collection... Continue Reading →

Shackles – Sugar Addikt (reviewed by Dave Franklin)

Seattle synth duo, Sugar Addikt, take elements from 70's disco, 80's mainstream pop, 90's dance music and 21st-century electronica and use those wide-ranging influences to forge music that is both familiar and infectious yet unique and forward-thinking. Shackles, from their latest ep, Phoenix, is a song that wanders between pulsating dancefloor energy and the highly... Continue Reading →

Housework EP – Vis_g (reviewed by Dave Franklin)

As this small but perfectly formed EP rises out of some traditional piano sounds and beguiling electronica, you wonder where it might be going. Modern classic fusion? Indie-dance? Ambient electronica? And then the main body of Multitasking drops into earshot and you find yourself in high-octane, clubland heaven. Taking a low and hypnotic route through... Continue Reading →

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