Faith & Hope – Evok (reviewed by Dave Franklin)

Merging some sweet soul vibes with timeless pop, once again Evok creates music that both plays with genres and seems to deftly step between styles, scenes and eras. Like Save Me before it, Faith & Hope's only real problem is that it might be actually too good to penetrate the mainstream, and I really mean... Continue Reading →

Lifeline – Mutlu (reviewed by Dave Franklin)

Blending the soothing qualities of soul, the simple, though far from simplistic, approach of traditional folk and a certain pop accessibility…not to mention hints of gospel and blues, Lifeline is an oasis of sweetness and light in a world of overly earnest pop-pushers and cliched rock bravado. Mutlu is clearly someone who understands music’s past... Continue Reading →

Dan Owen tour and debut album

Dan Owen has announced a string of live dates for October and November, following the release of his forthcoming debut album Stay Awake With Me on August 17th. Regarding the record Dan says, “This is my first album. I like to think of it as a collection of personal stories and experiences. I feel like this is... Continue Reading →

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