An Introduction to the Cajon

Given that the very word Cajon means box in Spanish, it is pretty easy to guess the evolution of this popular percussion instrument. Displaced African Slaves would use packing crates to replicate the drums of their homeland and the latin music of South America similarly employed old drawers and boxes in the same way and... Continue Reading →

So fare thee well NME…

As much as I slowly fell out of love with The NME from about the mid nineties onwards, though that could just as easily be because I was neither that enthused with grunge or that excited about Brit-pop, admiring greatness has to be a relative thing, something done from a distance. After all Liz Frazer... Continue Reading →

Skimming Stones across London

There are certain places, which just resonate with the spirit of a time and a sound. All along Mathew Street in Liverpool you can hear the sound of pop, as we know it today music taking it’s first tentative steps and Bleecker Street in New York still oozes with the primordial juices that gave birth... Continue Reading →

5 Breaking Coachella Acts To Watch

Over the last twenty or so years, Coachella Festival has grown in both size and importance to become one of the must attend gatherings of the year. Born as the festival was from an act of outsider non-conformity (Pearl Jam trying to break Ticketmaster’s vice-like grip over live gigs) it seems only natural that we... Continue Reading →

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