Like You’re In a Dream – Damon Mitchell (reviewed by Dave Franklin)

If Blurry gave us a taste of dreamy pop blends that go into Damon Mitchell's lush music, even that didn't quite prepare the listener for the sonic scope and scale of the full-length album which goes under the apt name of Like You're In A Dream. It runs from the cool, smart pop of the... Continue Reading →

Divorce – Gye (reviewed by Dave Franklin)

Most artists create a stage persona for themselves, an identity apart from their real-life world, a character to escape into that adds mystery to their musical avatar. But few create whole alternative timelines and build new worlds for that character to inhabit. But that is the lengths to which Gye is prepared to go. Divorce... Continue Reading →

Light Me Up – Ratinoff (reviewed by Dave Franklin)

Hitting the sweet spot between rock's rabble-rousing aggression and alt-pop accessibility and addiction, Light Me Up is instantly contagious. Even the most hard-hearted cynic or entrenched musical tribal follower would be hard pushed not to fall for its raucous charms immediately. Some songs achieve anthemic status through clever media and marketing, though record company drive... Continue Reading →

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