No Destination – Heather Whitty (reviewed by Dave Franklin)

One of the things which is great about the modern musical world is the new found belligerence when it comes to genres and styles. In the past there were a few artists who never took much notice of where the various sonic demarcations lay and they were seen as outsiders and, sometimes, even trailblazers. Now,... Continue Reading →

Make Me Feel (Acoustic) – Tatiana DeMaria

The very thing that makes singer-songwriters often all sound the same is actually the thing that sets them apart. In recent years the middle ground between the mainstream and the more cultish underground scenes has been awash with skinny-jeanned, gap-year troubadours, usually in wide-brimmed hats, trying to impart their wisdom on the listener and seduce... Continue Reading →

Never Mind – Devon (reviewed by Dave Franklin)

The last time I wrote about New York City singer-songwriter Devon, it was to discuss using covers, in her case a subtle reworking of Charli XCX’s perky pop paean to the unfairer sex, Boys as a way of grabbing an audiences attention before delivering the killer blow. What’s interesting about killer blows, especially sonic ones,... Continue Reading →

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