Earthquakes – Julian Shah-Tayler (reviewed by Dave Franklin)

Any music made by Julian Shah-Tayler is always worth studying closely, not least the lyrics. As mercurial and marvellous as the music is, lyrically he always manages to drill down into some unquestionable truth. Earthquakes gets to one of the most fundamental concepts of human existence. Love. And not just passing, changeable, throw-away, transient love.... Continue Reading →

Splash – Acid (reviewed by Dave Franklin)

Pushing the boundaries of hip-hop and alternative pop together until they mix and merge in the same sonic space, Minnesota-based musician, Acid, has created a perfect example of the post-genre urban sound. Splash runs on a bubbling, buoyant groove and skittering percussion, and plays with futuristic electronica to create the engaging soundscape that sits between... Continue Reading →

Bristol’s Davey Woodward presents new single ‘Bad Day’

Bristol indie music legend Davey Woodward and The Winter Orphans presents bad Day', the latest single from their 'Love and Optimism' LP. Best known for his bands The Brilliant Corners, The Experimental Pop Band and Karen, they recorded this album 'live' in the studio. A very personal collection, this is Woodward's most emotional performance, putting Davey solidly amongst the best songwriters of... Continue Reading →

Telegenik – Zetroc (reviewed by Dave Franklin)

Zetroc makes music which simultaneously wanders a number of musical paths, hops all sorts of genric fences, and tests sonic demarcations but which always sounds like it is part of the same collection of works. Telegenik, his latest release, is both exploratory and consistent. The core sound is one of synthy experimentation over pulsing basslines,... Continue Reading →

XO – Calhuis (reviewed by Dave Franklin)

Well, that is all a bit mysterious. Try to research any information about this duo (I presume) and you find out that they have on-line social presence normally reserved for winners of The Voice. Links and sites reveal the scantest of information, though they do have a well-stocked merchandise site…selling shirts only, not music! I... Continue Reading →

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