This That and No Other – Cold Shivers (reviewed by Dave Franklin)

Jim Hall and Nick Duane have served their time and earned their sonic stripes in a who's who of East Coast, grassroots bands such as Undergroove and Monolith, Section Eight and Outpatients. Cold Shivers is the result of their collaboration and a five-track e.p. is the first musical offspring to come from this union. And... Continue Reading →

PTSD – Jenn Vix (reviewed by Dave Franklin)

If Unlocked neatly demonstrated just how unique and nonconforming Jenn Vix is, PTSD shows that she has lost none of that strange attraction since that release, if anything, she might have even travelled even further down the rabbit hole. PTSD is a beguiling mix of electronic-pop and dark 60's psychedelic vibes, R&B exploring far ahead... Continue Reading →

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