Freak –  Andrew Neil (reviewed by Dave Franklin)

Existing in that common ground of a musical Venn diagram where folk, grunge and indie unexpectedly party together, Freak is a wonderful collection of music which the man himself labels as “Outsider music.” And whilst that might sound as if Andrew Neil is pushing things to the extremes, rest assured he isn’t. Well, not the... Continue Reading →


Johnstown – Oh Susanna (reviewed by T Bebedor)

Like all art forms, music is at it’s best when it divides opinion, creates conversation and brings about strong feelings, after all, art is something created for others to experience. Back in 1998 Canadian singer songwriter Suzie Ungerleider recorded ‘Johnstown’, an ambitious debut album that has been described as a contemporary folk-noir masterpiece and gained... Continue Reading →

They Say I Don’t Write Love Songs – The Two Man Travelling Medicine Show (reviewed by Dave Franklin)

Music can act as a sort of time travel device and whenever I hear this band's raggle-taggle beauty I am immediately transported through various interconnected chapters of my life, and the scenes and soundtracks that accompanied them. They remind me of everything from The Levellers soaring folk-punk, New Model Army’s windswept majesty, The Pogues lyrical... Continue Reading →

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