Going Nowhere Fast – The Two Man Travelling Medicine Show (reviewed by Dave Franklin)

Not that I am trying to second guess this fabulous band but before the virtual needle hits the digital record, I made a mental list of what I thought that this new album from The Two Man Travelling Medicine Show would include. I suspect that it would be full of infectious blends of frantic folk... Continue Reading →

Cowpoke – Raf Sanchez (reviewed by Dave Franklin)

Often the term "bedroom singer-songwriter" is used to imply unprofessionalism and lack of production, but on Cowpoke, Raf Sanchez proves that the term can stand for something else. It can stand for intimacy and honesty. Employing mainly voice and acoustic guitar, with occasionally just enough warm and hazy wash of effect and electronica to lift... Continue Reading →

Bristol’s Davey Woodward presents new single ‘Bad Day’

Bristol indie music legend Davey Woodward and The Winter Orphans presents bad Day', the latest single from their 'Love and Optimism' LP. Best known for his bands The Brilliant Corners, The Experimental Pop Band and Karen, they recorded this album 'live' in the studio. A very personal collection, this is Woodward's most emotional performance, putting Davey solidly amongst the best songwriters of... Continue Reading →

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