Alternate Realities – Ultra _eko (reviewed by Dave Franklin)

There was a time when the musical demarcations separating musical style and genre were fixed, immutable, to be crossed on pain of death. Well, not death but perhaps ridicule and ostracisation from the gatekeepers of the tribal sound. You were a raver or a goth, a hip-hop head or an indie kid, popster or rocker,... Continue Reading →

1988 – Damo (reviewed by Dave Franklin)

There is no denying that we live in a world of polar opposites, of entrenched beliefs, of conflicting ideas and clear points of demarcation. It is an attitude which affects, or perhaps infects, every aspect of life from which football team you support to which political camp you fall into. Thankfully, music seems to have... Continue Reading →

Yesterday – Xalser (reviewed by Dave Franklin)

This latest song from Xalser takes pop along some interesting sonic pathways. It starts off in fairly familiar territory, a chilled, soulful, R&B groove built of sultry tones and casual beats, doing exactly what you might expect it to. And then about a minute in it mutates into a wonderful, futuristic, alternative-dance hybrid. Although dance... Continue Reading →

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