In My Side – Vision Video (reviewed by Dave Franklin)

“Dance music for the end-times.” That’s what it says on the band's own page and as descriptions go, I’d say that is pretty hard to beat. Vision Video certainly make an A-pop-alyptic noise, the perfect blend of dance and dystopia, dirge and disco, art and Armageddon…but I’m just throwing easy alliteration about now. In My... Continue Reading →


Yesterday – Xalser (reviewed by Dave Franklin)

This latest song from Xalser takes pop along some interesting sonic pathways. It starts off in fairly familiar territory, a chilled, soulful, R&B groove built of sultry tones and casual beats, doing exactly what you might expect it to. And then about a minute in it mutates into a wonderful, futuristic, alternative-dance hybrid. Although dance... Continue Reading →

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