Crazy Game of Phobias – Jata (reviewed by Dave Franklin)

The difficult process of navigating the feelings and emotions that have come about through the last 18 months of lockdown is a fluid, personal and ever-changing process. For a long time, people had to deal with the issues surrounding isolation, loneliness, and separation from their friends and family, but now the decisions that face us... Continue Reading →

Shackles – Sugar Addikt (reviewed by Dave Franklin)

Seattle synth duo, Sugar Addikt, take elements from 70's disco, 80's mainstream pop, 90's dance music and 21st-century electronica and use those wide-ranging influences to forge music that is both familiar and infectious yet unique and forward-thinking. Shackles, from their latest ep, Phoenix, is a song that wanders between pulsating dancefloor energy and the highly... Continue Reading →

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