Singulus – SIR-VERE (reviewed by Dave Franklin)

I remember a time, although I must admit that I am older than most, when the rock fraternity and the dance camp were sworn, enemies. Or at least the music press and a few shallow-minded buffoons would have us believe this to be the case. But rock and dance, it turns out, make for the... Continue Reading →

Shackles – Sugar Addikt (reviewed by Dave Franklin)

Seattle synth duo, Sugar Addikt, take elements from 70's disco, 80's mainstream pop, 90's dance music and 21st-century electronica and use those wide-ranging influences to forge music that is both familiar and infectious yet unique and forward-thinking. Shackles, from their latest ep, Phoenix, is a song that wanders between pulsating dancefloor energy and the highly... Continue Reading →

1988 – Damo (reviewed by Dave Franklin)

There is no denying that we live in a world of polar opposites, of entrenched beliefs, of conflicting ideas and clear points of demarcation. It is an attitude which affects, or perhaps infects, every aspect of life from which football team you support to which political camp you fall into. Thankfully, music seems to have... Continue Reading →

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