HEY YA’LL – Douglas Wayne (reviewed by Dave Franklin)

To an outsider like me, especially one writing from the other side of the ocean, Nashville seems to be two separate cities. The western half seems to be all rhinestones and tasseled jackets, stetsons, and songs about the alone and the wronged driving their pickup truck into the sunset. The eastern half, by contrast, is a more... Continue Reading →

Travelog – Rezo (reviewed by Dave Franklin)

If I scan across the blurb for an album and see such luminaries as Sparklehorse and Mercury Rev listed as reference points, how can I not dive right in? Surely anyone who lists such mercurial and marvellous bands as sonic touchstones is going to produce something similarly interesting? There's only one way to find out.... Continue Reading →

Nova – Beemo (reviewed by Dave Franklin)

If Beemo isn’t the perfect bridge between the established traditions of Celtic folk and country rock, and the sound of contemporary indie music, then it will certainly do until a better bridge comes along. Nova, a succulent sonic taster from the album Bustin’ Out, is a buoyant and boisterous sing-along, upbeat and euphoric in the... Continue Reading →

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