I Want More – Silverback Colony (reviewed by Dave Franklin)

Silverback Colony, (great name by the way) has been a revolving door for the great and the good of the musical world since its inception nearly a decade ago, with one permanent member in the form of the beard-stroking Gabriel Douglas at the helm of the musical ship. Here, aided and abetted by multi-instrumentalist Kai... Continue Reading →

A Short Conversation with Kevin Daniel

The new album, Things I Don’t See, encompasses a wide range of very American sounds and styles, which in turn suggests an interesting musical back story, can you tell us a little about your musical journey which gets you here? Kevin Daniel: I have been a musician my entire life, and like most musicians, I... Continue Reading →

Amigo the Devil hits UK and Europe

If you have ever heard a room full of people yelling “I hope your husband dies” in some harmoniously sloppy, drunken unison, then you will have stumbled into an Amigo The Devil show. Danny Kiranos, better known as his musical alter ego, has spent the last few years challenging the expectations of traditional folk, country music purists and rock/extreme metal fans... Continue Reading →

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