Florescence – Timberline (reviewed by Dave Franklin)

Timberline might make music that is essentially a voice and a guitar, but it is what he (they?) does (do?) within that framework that makes Florescence stand out from the usual gap-year troubadours with their wide-brimmed hats, black stretch jeans and working knowledge of A minor. There is something in the delivery and production of... Continue Reading →

Never Notice – Splitstep (reviewed by Dave Franklin)

Splitstep's latest release, Never Notice, dances delicately across any number of genres, stepping lightly on everything from upbeat acoustica, understated pop-rock, funky grooves and breezy brass, the latter courtesy of Westword Music Award-winning Guerrilla Fanfare Brass Band. And in a world where you seem to trip over singer-songwriters everywhere you go, Splitstep offers something more... Continue Reading →

Make Me Feel (Acoustic) – Tatiana DeMaria

The very thing that makes singer-songwriters often all sound the same is actually the thing that sets them apart. In recent years the middle ground between the mainstream and the more cultish underground scenes has been awash with skinny-jeanned, gap-year troubadours, usually in wide-brimmed hats, trying to impart their wisdom on the listener and seduce... Continue Reading →

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