RAIA – Ludwik Konopko (reviewed by Dave Franklin)

Writing about instrumental music is quite an intriguing process. In the absence of lyrics, the meaning and nature of the music have to come from interpreting the feelings and emotion found at the heart of the music itself. But then, it is the same challenge that faces the person making the music, that of wordless... Continue Reading →

Never Notice – Splitstep (reviewed by Dave Franklin)

Splitstep's latest release, Never Notice, dances delicately across any number of genres, stepping lightly on everything from upbeat acoustica, understated pop-rock, funky grooves and breezy brass, the latter courtesy of Westword Music Award-winning Guerrilla Fanfare Brass Band. And in a world where you seem to trip over singer-songwriters everywhere you go, Splitstep offers something more... Continue Reading →

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