Born Too Late – Kick and the Hug (reviewed by Dave Franklin)

Now, this is a song that I can massively relate to. Whenever I get some young whippersnapper reminding me that I am…well, let’s just say that I’m not as young as I was…I remember that they never got to see all those iconic bands that formed part of my youth, they never experienced the peace and freedom of not being glued to a mobile phone, they didn’t have the fun of making their own mixtapes straight off of the radio. I remember when socialising meant leaving the house, I remember when Amazon was just a river, I remember when people read books! I’m starting t sound like an old bore, aren’t I?

Anyway. It’s a big, infectious song, the perfect anthemic sing-a-long, a blend of heavy pop vibes and stadium level, accessible indie music, fun, fist in the air, foot on the monitor music and I defy anyone to not be singing it by the time the second chorus comes round, except perhaps those kids huddled over the latest Apple product watching people lip-synching to Nicki Minaj songs on TikTok. But that’s my point!

Kick and the Hug do go easy on their target Millenials and Gen Z’s though, it is a gentle ribbing, just a reminder that for all the innovations and changes that they have grown up with, sometimes it was the simpler things that make for better memories. I mean, no one is going to write a million-selling song about meeting their perfect girl in a chat room, are they?

What’s that? They have? Oh, I give up.

Anyway, I don’t care, I got to see Thin Lizzy live. A number of times. I win. Ha!

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