Big Raggedy – GhostWryter (reviewed by Dave Franklin)

If you have had your fill of the current tsunami of deluded, bedroom rappers who think that an empty, auto-tuned lyrical mumble and a free download of musical samples is all they need to get on in the world, then GhostWryter is going to hit you like a breeze of the freshest sonic air. Right from the word go his deft and dexterous lyrical salvos are cool and confident, weighted words landing with pitch-perfect precision, the music driving the song spacious enough to allow them to percolate perfectly yet a groovesome mix of bass beats and orchestral washes in its own right.

The future is perhaps written not my ripping up the rulebook and searching for something radically different as a template but playing with what has gone before to produce a fresh yet familiar sound for today. And that is what GhostWryter does so well. He takes sounds that sit comfortably in music fans minds, but he also changes the rules to his own advantage and takes things in a new direction. And it is this ability to simultaneously acknowledge the past, ignite the present and create the future, which is going to hold him in good stead.

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