Andere – All Diese Gewalt (reviewed by Marcus Kittridge)

To be perfectly frank I’ve struggled to review this album but with some perseverance I found an inroad on the third listening.

Initially I found the vocal and language particularly jarring. I love European sounding recordings but confess I’m generally drawn to the French and Eastern parts of the eurosound spectrum.

However, once I found myself in the right mood I found a lot to be positive about.

Loved the cavernous dark hymnal sounds and the more contemporary Can like electronica.

There is an exceptional dynamic range to this record but it can also be a little disorientating especially if you want to listen to something of a particular style or mood.

Fair play for trying to appeal to a wider audience but I think I would have preferred something that had a cohesive thread running throughout the work. Perhaps if I had the language skills I might find that the recording is pulled together by the lyrics. Sadly I’ll never know if this is the case.

It could be a real slow grower as the first listen was impenetrable, the second was somewhat more navigable and the third was bringing significant moments of joy.

Even as I’m writing this as I complete the third listen I’m liking it more and more.

I’ll definitely come back and have another listen in the future.

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