The Lazlo Device bow out with You Stumble, I Fall

mail-1.jpegAfter a few months of anticipation, London post-rockers The Lazlo Device have finally released their second album, You Stumble, I Fall. 12 tracks of sonic soundscaping and solid song-building that that digs deep into the realm of experimental rock, dipping into other styles like desert rock, indie-rock inflected dance and even reggae, whilst remaining at all times distinctly their own beast entirely.

“We think it’s the best thing we’ve done,” said lead singer and bass guitarist Dan Murdoch. “Where Duelism was a smorgasbord of years of ideas; this album feels coherent, something closer to where we ended up.It’s a fair approximation of late-Lazlo,” he added.

Three singles from the album have already made their mark; there’s the soaring yet earthy desert noir cocktail of the title track – “written after a sitar lesson in Udaipur,” explained guitarist Ross Saunders; the math-rock-flavoured, dancefloor-ready cohesion of ‘Known to You’; and the bouncy ‘Beetle’ with its infectious swing and aftershow glow. It showcases the playful versatility of Lazlo Device – their ability to create songs that flip between genres but that still encapsulate their signature sound: warm, heavy, and live.

However, the band’s second album will also be their last. You Stumble, I Fall is at once the height of Lazlo, but simultaneously their swansong.

“This has been a lovely ride,” wrote Dan Murdoch in a Facebook status, “but it feels like we’ve run out of road. No one really wanted to say it. No one wanted to put a seal on it. At least not until the album was out. And now it is.”

You Stumble, I Fall was released 31st August and is available to download via Bandcamp and iTunes and can be streamed via Spotify and Soundcloud


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