Origins –  Function Space (reviewed by Dave Franklin)

a2177732769_16There is a point where the past meets the future, an ever moving location on that cyclical musical loop that sees past glories become future potential, where the sounds of the past are recycled into new and exciting sounds for the future, that point where familiarity meets freshness. It is here that you find Function Space. This latest album is a set of slick art-pop songs and for every hint of Talking Heads outsiderness or post-punk reference there are a dozen more contemporary influences, such as War on Drugs or Foster The People.

Songs such as Reason are wonderful drive-time reveries, energetic and accessible, dreamlike and transient, which acts as a good touchstone from what Emilio Couchee has cooked up here and the album flows past ricocheting off the heartland and the heavens with equal joy. That Sound is a radio hit in the making but standing just far enough from the tried and tested, the predictable pop of the current clime as to hold a mirror up to that genres failings. Falling is 80’s pop for a new generation, taking all the infectiousness and groove of that era but somehow making it smarter, shrewder and cleaner limbed.

Pop music seems to have painted itself into a corner of late and now it sits caught in a trap of its own making. Thankfully albums like this show that there is another way, one that ticks all the boxes but which manages to break moulds too. A retro-futuristic classic in the making.


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