Scene and Heard – CCCLXXXVII : Anytime –  SillyKing Denny (reviewed by Dave Franklin)

61C+N-6p2fL._SS500If rap and hip-hop are defined by the lyrical flow and the delivery of the message that lies at the heart of the song, then SillyKing Denny is someone who fans of those genres won’t fail to notice. His ability to blend busy and energetic vocals with some sweet and soulful tones stands him apart form the pack immediately and with the music happy to merely frame his deliveries he builds the perfect platform to promote his talents.

Musically, gentle soul vibes and R&B grooves effortlessly drive the song, soulful and sophisticated rather than the usual bombastic blasts, skittering trap beats and warped electronica that the rest of the pack seem so enamoured with. And it is this mix of early hip-hop, soulfulness and easy accessibility that means that it will have wide appeal. The cool kids on the street with dig its vibe, the old schoolers will pick up on the vocal deliveries and the pop set will love the lazy, lilting  loveliness of it all. Why try to act tough and sing your own praises when you can charm the audience with a song that naturally does that for you? SillyKing Denny is more than aware that this is the way to go.


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