Good Heart to Hide –  Victoria Celestine (reviewed by Dave Franklin)

Wasted Tears EP front coverPop music often sounds quickly and easily produced, low common denominator music, but that is just the fast-buck, rampantly commercial end of the industry at work which seems to mean that the whole genre is tarred with a similar brush. But, of course, pop music is like any other genre there is good and bad, and about as far away from the cynical scenario I have just described you find Victoria Celestine’s slick and sophisticated pop vibes.

Right from the start you can here the transatlantic nature of her music, the American confidence mixed with the European subtleties a reflection on her upbringing on both sides of The Atlantic and the result is a deft and dexterous slice of contemporary pop, one built of clever dynamics, danceable beats and infectious immediacy. They say that travel broadens the mind, what they fail to note is that it also empowers the groove! Victoria Celestine is living proof of that.


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