Aidattu Tulevaisuus  – Teksti -TV 666 (reviewed by Dave Franklin)

28167099_1515452995234205_554166328653636585_nSometimes less is more, there’s a whole cliche built around that notion. But sometimes more is more…I guess the clue was right there in front of us all the time. More means more and more has to be better than less. No? If you don’t believe me then just listen to Finnish shoegazing kraut-punk leviathan Teksti -TV 666

Wielding at least four guitars at any given time, the layering and the texturing on this five track offering makes for a masterwork in how you blend, bend, twist and tweak all of those strings together without losing the plot and muddying the musical waters. And even with so much to fit in the songs brim with dynamic and groove and have enough daylight seen between each instrument that every track, every bar, every riff, every note feels justified.

Imagine My Bloody Valentine putting their own spin on Ramones tracks or Lush getting to grips with heavy metal or Neu! on speed. Actually better still just by this album and make your own fun by thinking up your own theoretical music juxtapositions. Ride jamming with Metallica? The fun playing that game never ends, which has to be a sign that this is something truly original.


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