Let Down – Tough on Fridays (reviewed by Dave Franklin)

TOF_LetDown_Promo_3Books and covers eh? A band with the name of Tough on Fridays…well, that could cover a multitude of genres, a cover picture of a girl in the rain as seen through a blurred lens, I’m thinking pop ballad or, if I’m lucky, wistful dream pop. Then blam!…you get hit straight between the eyes with fast and infectious pop-rock, the perfect blend of commercial accessibility and rock muscle of the sort the western world has been producing so well since the mid 80s.

Is there even a power-pop/pop-rock scene any more? Or maybe this is just the new sound of pop-punk now that the frat boys have realised that crassness and dumbing down just isn’t that attractive. Pop looking for alternative ways out of the mainstream seems to be more focussed on indie-folk identities or urban beat options but at least Tough on Fridays seem to take some sort of lead from the likes of The Primitives or Sleeper and mix low slung rock energy with fantastic melody. Pop may be a dirty word to many and rock has largely become a cliche but at the sweet spot where they meet you find music which utilises the best of both. It is also where you find Tough on Fridays.


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